The Hooklever™ components included in price are: long swage stud, ringband, locknut, Hooklever unit, D-link, straptoggle.

For standard 1/19 wire in sizes 6, 7 or 8mm wire.

Recommended stay length of up to 12.1m. (A man can tension the stay to within 45mm manual deflection).

Swage stud to be swaged on to wire by a rigger.

Note for riggers: To determine the wire cut length, set threaded adjustment to 40% closed
(30mm) then heave wire down manually with intent and mark cut length. On most rigs this
will result in a 75% (56mm) bury under tension.

drawing technique

The best technique for The Hooklever™ is pushing the lever over-centre with heel of left hand taking most of the weight and elbow braced against knee.

HL Padeye

Fitting to a padeye on deck

To fit to a padeye on deck, the straptoggle is not applicable, instead a D-shackle with centering bush (available) may be used.

Inside clearance of padeye needs to be 23 mm diameter minimum to allow fit.

* When fitting a padeye, choose a double folding padeye for the stay and tack-shackle of the sail.

Fitting a babystay

When The Hooklever™ is fitted for a babystay, a D-shackle (available) can be fitted with spacer washers to centre it. The pinsize/diameter of the D-shackle is 12mm.

installation 1
installation 2
installation 3

For setting a stormjib, staysail on a removeable cutter-stay or a solent jib, to improve sail performance when reefed or as a backup to rollerfurling systems. The Hooklever™, like the Highfield lever, is a mechanical tensioner with over-centre force. When short-tacking often, making the inner forestay removable becomes desirable to free the foredeck.

  • Do NOT apply extensions such as pipe or bar to the lever.
  • Not to be used for human suspension.


Apply good quality marine grease to threads upon installation. Apply grease to circlips (do not remove circlips).


General consumers warranty applies to this product . This limited liability warranty applies to the product only, the manufacturer accepts no liability or responsibility for damages or loss related to this product.


There is no GST payable on this product in New Zealand. Price is excluding freight costs.